It is high tide for human life on Earth. It therefore won’t strike you as a coincidence that the idea for Impact Equity Fund arose right next to the ocean. It was conceived by people who understand that there is no reason for despair, because the tides of entrepreneurship, innovation and technology are rising just as fast. And we know how to ride those waves. 

Impact Equity envisions a world in which people live harmoniously alongside each other and the natural world. We believe and invest in resilient, life-supporting systems - economical, environmental and nutritional among others - with an infinite capacity for renewal. Just like the ocean, really. And as it does, we are capable of carrying brave people over long distances toward a world better than the one we found.


For IEF, an investment is more than just providing capital. It is a partnership with highly motivated founders in which IEF acts as a sparring partner to exchange ideas and share knowledge, know-how and IEF’s network.


IEF partners invest their own capital, willing to make calculated risks, ensuring fast decision-making. No predefined investment criteria or exit pressure but investments for an indefinite period.


IEF is willing to be the lead investor but also enjoys co-investing alongside like-minded partners. A typical IEF investment entails an initial commitment of € 250k up to € 1m.