Our Team

A team with hands-on entrepreneurial and investment experience. We have a realistic outlook on opportunities, seek to acquire deep expertise about the businesses we invest in and are prepared to play an active role in unlocking our investees’ full potential. We maintain a strong focus on impact and have a rock solid belief in the power of scalable innovation.

Deron Amen

Deron has a strong background in M&A and consulting with a great passion for ESG- and impact investing. Having worked on large M&A transactions and with people in various industries, she learned what it takes to get the best out of people and their organization. Expect a lot of empowerment, hands-on collaboration and trust.  

Randolf Nijsse

Randolf has extensive experience with growing companies from a start-up phase to managing established businesses. He is keen to support start-up teams that break through the status quo with innovative propositions that have a positive impact on people and the planet.

Siemon van den Berg

By starting and scaling up companies for over 20 years Siemon learned what it takes to be successful in building a business. Combining this passion with impact investing is what he calls "a match made in heaven". Expect a lot of empowerment, thinking out of the box and challenging what everyone takes for granted.